Saturday, March 31, 2007

Forees! Jack and Barb, Chris, (their youngest son) and his girlfriend Jen. they brought Jack some hot sauce from Jack's, it was the same vintage as the elder Foree. I lost about a dozen pictures just now, a deleting mistake. so will only have 3 to post of the last supper in Tucson.
This is William, tomcat's son, all the way from Michigan.
Parking lot in Bisbee. We had 21 bikes. I didn't take many pictures today, I apologize if I missed anyone. Due to Snakes funeral, and all, I was very sad today, and wasn't in much of a mood to take a lot of pictures. RIP, Tim.
First stop in Sonoita, AZ. This was where Karl Guzzo had a flat tire, so Jack and Barb and Bev stayed behind to deal with it. Sorry you guys missed the rest of the trip!
Three Tupperware bikes, and Tony D's 800. He loaned it to William (Tomcat's son) for the day. It roared and smoked, and make the trip after a small delay in Benson to replace the battery. That's Cranky's trunk there on the right, he had to get a new American flag to replace the one that was ripped off earlier this week.
The front of the Copper Queen Hotel in Bisbee. Lots of outside seating, and live music coming from the lounge. We ate in the nice dining room.
Barb is sporting a jazzy new Joe Rocket ladies leather jacket today.
We had 3 Tupperware VROC bikes on the ride today.
Sherm discussing room rates at the Copper Queen in Bisbee. This would be a fun place to stay sometime.
Downtown Tombstone.
Dining room at the Copper Queen.
Craig Scott, Jim (Rev) the waiter, Carol, Lanny and Don.
SAG, Flaco, Patty and Roland.
Cranky, William, Kevin and Eric (El Nomad)
SAG in the Birdcage Theater. This is the most preserved building and business in Tombstone. Wyatt Erp, Doc Holiday, and all the other people that made the town famous have stood at this very bar and looked into this same mirror. There is a tour that is VERY interesting inside the theater.
Jim, a new VROC'er. Glad to have you aboard!
Gretchen, Snickers, Maggie and Jim.
This is the place that made Tombstone famous!
The walls in the Copper Queen are like a museum, lots of interesting stuff.
These colorful shoes were hanging from a line in Bisbee.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sherm, SAG, and El Nomad. Flaco snatched my camera to take this picture. He wasn't here last night, just rode in today. I just noticed that I didn't get a picture of him tonight, I'll make up for it tomorrow. There was rides to the Pima air Museum today, and another to the top of Mount Lemmon. Some of us just walked around old town, and 4th street, where it looks like they are still living in the 60's. It was a good day.
Don (from NZ) Craig Scott and Barb. I think this was taken last night, but I'll post it anyway.
Our waitress explaining the nightly specials. She was having a hard time trying to speak as loud as Snickers . Last night we had a young man for a waiter. They both did a good job.
Kevin (he's really not too Freaky) and Craig Scott. Craig drove all the way down from Edmondton, Alberta, Canada. Kevin rode all the way from Phoenix.
Gretchen and Barb doing a "Girly thing". Can you imagine two men hugging like this???? Yuk!
Early morning "tire kicking" after our nice free motel breakfast. Here is SAG, Biglefti, Rev, and Carol.
Jim (Rev) and Carol. They came up for the night last night, but headed home to Sierra Vista today. They'll meet up with us on the ride to Tombstone tomorrow.
Biglefti just finished combing his hair. He always manages to look like he just came out of the "primping parlour"
The longest held family business in the city of Tucson. El Charro has been feeding the local as well as movie stars and other celebrities for well over a hundred years.
A courtyard cafe in one of the small shopping malls. The largest store here was "The Pot Shop"
The Historic District of Tucson has a lot to offer. Many street vendors, and lots of year 'round tourist shops. This is part of a local restaurant chain (of 2) that sells pastry here in the market. The cheapest cookie was $2.50, some of the larger gooey ones were $4.75. We didn't eat any.
This is a pretty interesting store. We strolled through it, quite and experience! I bought a sticker, and about fell over from "sticker shock"! $4.27 for a small sticker to put under my trunk lid.
Some of the "local color" on 4th avenue.
Does this bring back any memories? It should, to at least 3 others.
Inside one of the book stores on 4th in Tucson.
What's up with SAG and Sherm?
Jim Lohman sitting on Biglefti's wing. The next step is a ride with Gretchen. The next step after that is a visit to a Honda dealer
Kevin (zfreaky1) sure did a nice job on his Meanie. The paint job is exceptionally nice.
The strip around the end of the fender is an LED tail light and turn signals. It's very cool!